My Studio address: Insulindetraat 279A Rotterdam.

At this moment my studio is in an old school building in Rotterdam. I rent it from the SKAR, an organization that rents old buildings to artists. The days of squatting are in the past. Even the art business demands continuity and that is always tricky when you work in a squatted studio. You are never sure if or when they are throwing you out. But I do miss the squatted old swimming pool or the old factory where I used to have my studio. The huge spaces were primitive and rough and gave us a sense of freedom, I guess . The lack of a proper heating system during the cold winters sounds now, even in my ears, romantic. Now in my small, warm and quite expensive studio, where they can’t throw me out, I sometimes miss that sense of adventure, but on the other hand, I do love to work in my studio.

And you are always welcome to visit.